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  1. Sep 9
  2. Art Resources Association Exhibit

    This exhibit features the varied art work of Central Vermont artists including pastel, photography, watercolor, oil, acrylic and more.
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  1. Sep 28
  2. Writing Your PoemCity Poem: Growing a Poem from Idea to Literary Art with Rick Agran

    Write a PoemCity poem. Find words to imagine, invent, narrate, and captivate. Explore the musicality of language's rhythm and rhyme. Writing Your "PoemCity" poem is designed to help you grow an idea, story, or feeling into a poem. At any skill level, it will take just three easy evenings of practice: 1) Prewriting or generating ideas for poems, 2) Writing or growing that idea into the first draft of a poem, 3) Rewriting or considering your audience for sharing, presentation and publica...
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  1. Sep 30
  2. CaterpillarFest

    Come see hundreds of native caterpillars at the North Branch Nature Center. Naturalist and Photographer, and founder of the Caterpillar Lab, Sam Jaffe will be here to show off and tell us about dozens of species including some of the LARGEST, spiniest, WACKY, WEIRD, and deceptive species you never knew were hiding in your own backyards. Be sure to save the date for this unique exhibition, featuring new, late-summer species! Food & beverage provided by Woodbellly Pizza and local donors.
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  3. Montpelier HONK! Fest 2017

    Vermont's first HONK! Festival. HONK! is an activist street festival featuring live brass music performed without a stage and without amplification. Brass bands of varying musical styles and political ideologies will perform throughout the length of Langdon Street in the afternoon and into the evening. An immersive and energetic musical experience, free to the public!
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  1. Oct 1
  2. Song Circle Singalong

    This winter, CAL is excited to announce a new Song Circle: a community singalong. The first Sunday evening of each month @CAL, you are invited to participate in a gathering to sing new and old favorites from Rise Up Singing. From 6-8pm in the west wing (enter CAL from driveway entry, up 1/2 a flight of stairs, turn right, Room 109 is just past the lounge on the right). Donations appreciated but not required. Song Circle coordinators are Montpelier residents Jacob and Gretta Stone, experience...
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