Visiting Montpelier after the July 2023 Flood

Sep 14 2023

On July 10th, devastating rains resulted in the North Branch of the Winooski River cresting more than 20 feet, filling business basements and retail spaces with floodwaters. More than 4,000 volunteers came to town to help businesses clean up and recover, with the goal of enabling our restaurants and retail stores to reopen as quickly as they can. The community came together to organize benefit concerts, festivals and other fundraisers to support our downtown to bring back a more resilient Montpelier!

As our City recovers and businesses reopen, there are plenty of reasons to visit Montpelier this fall, and parking is FREE as the City rebuilds!! Visit our webpage Montpelier’s Coming Back! Visiting Montpelier after the Flood to see who's back in business, hear about events, explore the outdoors, and learn how you can contribute to Montpelier’s recovery efforts.

During the recovery, Central Vermont is  jam-packed with events; many of them are benefits to support Montpelier's rebuilding. Find what’s happening on our Community Calendar during your visit, such as art openings, concerts, festivals, bike tours, or other outdoor adventures during the beautiful fall foliage season.

Here’s a small sample of Upcoming Events:

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